Grand Opening:: The Fall of Midgaard

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Grand Opening 24th April 2010 @ 10am

The Fall of Midgaard

With 10 weeks to go until the Grand Opening of Hulls new GCN gaming club we thought we would let you in on a few of our plans for the day, Blagrot has been working furiously to plan a massive Apocalypse game with GrimJaw modelling specific opbjective terrain pieces and crating advertiments for the local shops and clubs that will be out in the next few weeks so watch this space!

The main focus of the day will be a 6' x 36' Apoclypse game centered on the imperial mining world of Midgaard. The battle will tell the story of the arrival of a Tyranid Splinterfleet to an Imperial world of the eastern fringe of the Galaxy in the Ultima Segmentum - more details to come.

There will also be other attractions like:
  • 10 bring and battle boards
  • A fully stocked Tuck Shop.
  • Prize givings on the day.
  • Unveiling of the Club Banner.
  • a special game based around 3 Space Hulk boards.
All of the chior have been wracking their brains to ensure that this is one of the most fntastic days gaming you have seen in Hull for some time.We already have confirmed some gamers coming from the York Garrison Gaming club to enjoy the day so don't miss out, make sure your here to show them who the best gamers are! 



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Preaching from the Choir

The Hulls Angels Wargames club is run by a group of avid hobbyists with over 40 years experience of all aspects of the hobby. We aim to provide the people of Hull with a safe environment in which to explore all aspects of their hobby. The club boasts space for 20 gaming boards, room to paint and model, Also there is room for role players or just a place to chat. The group of people who run the club are:

GrimJaw – Chapter Master
A Teacher and avid gamer of over 25 year’s experience. He is very interested in modelling, community and the narrative of the Warhammer Universe. GrimJaw also runs Emperors Tarot It has been his long term goal to provide a proven fun, safe environment for the people of Hull to enjoy their hobby in.

Jaffa – Chaplain
An experienced Wargames club official. Jaffa has been on the committee of other Wargames clubs in the past. Working as our club secretary he is responsible for membership and making sure or paperwork is up to date. As a gamer he has a wide variety of armies for 40K and we are trying to convince him to play Warhammer.

Blagrot – Librarian
A tactical genius and master of detail. He can find a nasty army list in any force. Blagrot is an avid gamer and master of warfare who organises and runs our events. As an avid gamer Blagrot is only interested in making your gaming experience a positive as possible. Watch this space!


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