Hobby Fortress - The New Shop

Sunday, 24 April 2011 · 13 comments

Just a quick one for you. Here is the new shop that will be opening in the next few months at Grimston Steet in Hull. As you can see I have started to set up how the shop will operate and with a lot more work we may start to see products appearing on the shelves and things actually getting sold.

I will mainly be concentrating on our main gaming areas in the club. Roleplaying, GW, Flames of War, Privateer Press and some historical models along with modelling ad painting equipment as well as a few magazines.

What sort of products would you like to see in the shop?



The Future - plan for the next few months

Friday, 22 April 2011 · 3 comments

Evening all here is probably a long and drawn out post informing you all what’s on at the club up until the end of August 2011. Well start at April and move through the months so you can plan your gaming for the next few months.

April 2011

Sunday 24th April Flames of War day

A day of introduction to Flames of War and historical wargaming. We open at 12pm and will be running games of FOW until 5pm on Sunday. Come down and see what the game is all about.

May 2011

Saturday 14th May 40K Tournament

Another chance to take part in our standard 40K tournament. Tickets cost £10 for entrance and you get to play 3 games with a prize for the winner.

Weekend 28th – 29th May 2011-04-21

Our first try out of a Warhammer Fantasy Apocalypse game. Come down and try playing a massive game of fantasy laying siege to a huge castle.

Wednesdays are Warmachine

As of May our Wednesday nights will be given over to Privateer Press gaming. You can still come down and play other games but a number of our members would like to be able to organise games of Warmachine and Hordes so we have decided to give Wednesdays to them for the foreseeable future. If you have never played these games before then come down there will be members of the club ready to introduce you to these fantastic games. Come down give them a go.

June 2011

Saturday 4th June Warmachine/Hordes Day

A day for all abilities playing both Warmachine and Hordes across the day. If you play it already come over and have a game we always need more players. If you’ve never played it come down and have a go demos will be running all day.

Saturday 11th June Fantasy Tournament

Another chance to take part in our standard Fantasy tournament. Tickets cost £10 for entrance and you get to play 3 games with a prize for the winner.

Saturday 18th June Necromunda Day

A day of gang warfare in the underhives of Necromunda. Come down with your gang and battle it out to see who is the lord of the hives.

Weekend 25th – 26th June 2011 War Torn Scarborough

On this weekend we will be supporting Scarborough Wargames Club in running their first yearly event. We will be running a number of games on the day and would love to see you there to support one of Yorkshires first real wargame weekends.

July 2011

Saturday 9th July Terrain Making Workshop

Come down to the club and learn from some of our modelling experts on the best materials and techniques to use when creating terrain for your own games. Make your terrain and you can take it home afterwards.

Saturday 23rd July Kids Day

If your under 18 and would like to now more about the club come down on this day and have a go. You can play any game you choose and will be given help with army lists, selection of troops and tactical help from some of our club experts.

29th -31st July Warhamsters Tournament

We will be closed this weekend as we have a group of wargamers hiring out the venue for their own use.

Tale of Club Gamers

Across July and August we will be running a Tale of Club Gamers series. Every week you will be given a task to undertake with your new force those that reach the end may win a prize from our new on site shop.

August 2011

Saturday 13th August 40k Mastercalss

On this day we will be running as part of our tale of Club Gamers series a day of help and support with just about any partof collecting a new 40K force. Come down with your new army and get support in creating lists, tactics, modelling and painting. Come down and make your army just that little bit better.

School Summer Holidays

To give all school students something to do in ther holidays we will be running our club earlier on some of our opening days. On a Tuseday, Wednesday and Thgursday we will be opening from 1pm in order for you to come in and play games, have a chat and look round the new shop> come down and have some fun with your armies, whatever you play.

New Gaming shop in Hull

Over the last few months I have been looking at starting a new wargames shop in Hull. I have mananged to get hold of a room attached to the club and over the next couple of months will be working on maing it a shop for Roleplaying games and historical, Sci-Fi, Fantasy wargames. I will stock a small ammount of products at the beginning and build up my lines as time goes on. Come down and have a look it's starting to look like a shop already.

So that's it. This is wha we have planned for the next few months come down to one or all of them well be happy to see you at any time.



Yorkshire Open - LOTR Wakefield

Saturday, 16 April 2011 · 0 comments

Evening all just a quick advert for Wakefield Warriors 500pts LOTR Yorkshire Open that is being run at their club on Sunday 8th May starting at 10am. The Open event works as a single day event costing £10 for the event if you would like more information on the event please call Sean Lamb 07880660187.



hullwarmachine.co.uk club night

Thursday, 14 April 2011 · 0 comments

I am pleased to announce the launch of hullwarmachine.co.uk in association with Hulls Angels. After discussion with Ross (GrimJaw) I have put together the website below in order to allow people to register interest in a regular Warmachine /Hordes night to be set up at the club.

If you have any interest in playing Warmachine at the club please go onto the website and fill in the form (takes less than a minute and is mainly multiple choice) and we will use the answers to decide which day/night to run the group on and what sort of events to do in our first months - also if anyone is interested in helping me run / promote this drop me a line to let me know!


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Preaching from the Choir

The Hulls Angels Wargames club is run by a group of avid hobbyists with over 40 years experience of all aspects of the hobby. We aim to provide the people of Hull with a safe environment in which to explore all aspects of their hobby. The club boasts space for 20 gaming boards, room to paint and model, Also there is room for role players or just a place to chat. The group of people who run the club are:

GrimJaw – Chapter Master
A Teacher and avid gamer of over 25 year’s experience. He is very interested in modelling, community and the narrative of the Warhammer Universe. GrimJaw also runs Emperors Tarot It has been his long term goal to provide a proven fun, safe environment for the people of Hull to enjoy their hobby in.

Jaffa – Chaplain
An experienced Wargames club official. Jaffa has been on the committee of other Wargames clubs in the past. Working as our club secretary he is responsible for membership and making sure or paperwork is up to date. As a gamer he has a wide variety of armies for 40K and we are trying to convince him to play Warhammer.

Blagrot – Librarian
A tactical genius and master of detail. He can find a nasty army list in any force. Blagrot is an avid gamer and master of warfare who organises and runs our events. As an avid gamer Blagrot is only interested in making your gaming experience a positive as possible. Watch this space!


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