Grand Opening

Sunday, 24 January 2010 · 4 comments

Hulls Angels Grand Opening 24th April 2010 @ 10am

We will be opening our doors for the first time as an oficial GCN club on the 17th April at 10am. There will be a number of events going on during the day. You can play in the massive bring and battle game or use one of our rooms to play a game against a friend.

Throughout the day there will be competitions and there are some fantastic prizes to be won. You can find out how to get to us by going t our contact page, keep coming back to the Hulls Angels site to find out more about the events on the day as it gets closer.

So book a spot in your diary and well see you on the 17th April!

All About Us!

Friday, 15 January 2010 · 57 comments

The Hulls Angels Wargames club is run by a group of avid hobbyists with over 40 years experience of all aspects of the hobby. We aim to provide the people of hull with a safe environment in which to explore all aspects of their hobby. The club boasts space for 20 gaming boards, room to paint and model and room for role players or just a place to chat about the hobby. Below are some of the questions we are frequently asked:

Is this just for kids?

No the club isn’t just for kids; it’s open to all ages from kids who play with toys to adults who play with toys too. Anyone from the ages of 11 to 111 can come to the club as often as they wish.

When do you meet?

Every Tuesday Vague Roleplaying Group run from 4:30pm until 22:30  Wednesday from 4:00pm until 9:00pm, Thursday from 7:30pm until 22:30pm and every Sunday from 12:00pm until 5:00pm. We do not usually meet for the two weeks including Christmas Day and New Year's Day, but apart from that we are always open!

Where do you meet?

Unit 2, Grimston Street, Hull, HU1 3HG, England. The Club is easy to find, there is a sign above the outside door. You will need to sign in at the entrance of the building where someone will be waiting for you.

How do I get there?

You can get to the building by any bus or train that goes to Hull Transport Interchange. It is then a short walk up Jameson and George street to get to the front door.

How old do I have to be?

You have to be 11 years or older, or be at high school to come to the club. Younger gamers may be allowed, but only if accompanied at all times by a responsible adult. Please talk to the Club Secretary about this.

Do I have to be a member?

No, anyone can come along to the meetings. Your first visit is free, and thereafter there is a charge of £2.00 per meeting with concessions of 50% for children, students and the unemployed. This includes entry to the Club and use of our gaming tables, terrain, paints and modelling materials. The Club is independent and non profit-making. All proceeds go into Club funds which are used to buy more terrain and other equipment, and to fund raffles and other events. There is no membership fee as such you can come to your first meeting free to see whether its for you then you must decide whether you would like to join the club. To become a member you will pay a weekly fee when you arrive and sign a charter laid out by the club. Members get special benefits and prizes.

What’s the cost?

The cost for coming to the club and using the facilities is £2.00 per meeting with concessions of 50% for children, students and the unemployed
What games do you play?

The Club does not limit itself to any particular games, but we are fans of Games Workshop's range of science fiction and fantasy settings. People play a number of Games Workshop titles and there is a variety of their specialist games also catered for. We also provide room for role playing along with the resources to role-play in those worlds.

The role-players use a variety of systems including Warhammer Fantasy Role-play, but they also get into other systems as well.

What facilities does the Club have?

We have three areas to use and enough space for about twenty 6' by 4' gaming boards.. In addition to the gaming rooms we have a small snack bar, storage for all our equipment, and ladies/gents toilets on site. We have a large and growing collection of terrain to use and always have a painting and modelling table set up with paints and other materials for members to use, free of charge. 

What can't I do?

We have a few rules to make the Club safe and comfortable for everyone. You can't smoke or drink alcohol on Club premises, or use your own modelling knives. Other than that - provided it doesn't spoil anyone else's enjoyment of the Club - you are pretty much free to do what you like. For more information on things like this, see the Club Rules

If you need to know even more, please email us at or post a question on the forum.

Contact Us

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Above you can find a map of the local area where we run our club. below are the contact details.

If you wish to come to the club for a taster please email us and we will contact you to discss it further.




Unit 2,
Grimston Street,
Email Contact  - Ross Pemble - John Maddison

Telephone Contact

07798 606397 - Ross Phone

07899 884289 - John Phone

Travel Timetables

Bus Timetables

Train Timetables

Just about all of the buses in hull go to the transport intercahnge near St Stephens and all of the trains go there have to go there. All you have to do to get to us from the interchang eis walk up Jameson street and then George street. You will finde grimston street opposite the laser quest at the top of George street.

Club Exec Roles

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All Club Exec Role Description

Overall Purpose

To organise and maintain the existence of Hulls Angels Gaming Club.

Specific responsibilities

1. Ensure that the Club opens each week and that at least two Club Officials are present.

2. Ensure that the Club is run according to the Club Rules.

3. Ensure that a safe, friendly atmosphere prevails at Club Nights.

4. Ensure that the Club is a welcoming environment and that new members are met and their needs catered for.

5. Ensure the Club Cupboard remains accessible for use in the kitchen.

Update and organise the Club Members notice-board on a regular basis.

Club Secretary Role Description

Overall Purpose

To assure the smooth running of the Club by providing overall organisation and ensuring that the Club Rules are applied

Specific responsibilities

1. Keeps a record of member decisions.

2. Liaises with the Hull YPI manager and ensures good relations are maintained.

3. Assumes overall responsibility for organising internal and external Club Events (campaigns, leagues, tournaments, open days etc).

4. Acts as an ambassador for the Club, representing it at meetings and events.

5. Assumes overall responsibility for the Club Website. (Monitoring the Forum, taking care of website adverts, updating content etc.)

6. To organise the Membership Schemes including assessment of armies photographing of completed armies for the website.

7. Sets agenda; organises records of Club Meetings such as the AGM.

8. In conjunction with the Caretaker organises the replacement; repair of Club Gaming Boards, Terrain  Equipment by teams of members or by specialists if necessary.


The Club Secretary may delegate responsibility for 3. and 4. to another member as necessary. Other responsibilities cannot be delegated except to another Club Official in the event that the Club Secretary cannot attend a meeting.


In recognition of the personal expense associated with traveling to the GCN meetings, etc. the Club Secretary is exempt from weekly membership fees.

Club Treasurer Role Description

Overall Purpose

To ensure that Club funds and assets are appropriately managed.

Specific responsibilities

1. To ensure that Club funds are used according to Club Rules, and always in the best interests of the members.

2. By managing Club funds, ensure that finances are available as a first priority to meet essential expenditure (for example hall rent, and PLI).

3. To keep accurate records of all collection, use and disposal of Club funds and assets to a standard deemed acceptable to an independent auditor.

4. To ensure that Club Accounts are subjected to an annual audit and report from a suitable qualified independent advisor.

5. To ensure that appropriate security arrangements and practices are in place.

6. To reconcile bank statements and investigate any discrepancies, reporting to the members.

7. To assess the Club’s financial health and make a report to the members at the AGM.

8. To cash up at the end of meetings and events, ensuring records are updated and cash prepared for banking.

9. To take cash to the bank and deposit it in the Club Bank Account.

10. Liaise with the Hull YPI manager when booking paying for events

11. In conjunction with the Membership Secretary organise membership events such as Members Raffles special events e.g. Christmas party.


Item 8. And 9. May be delegated if necessary to another Club Official or Senior Member (but not to any other member). Other responsibilities cannot be delegated.


In recognition of the personal expense associated with traveling to the bank, etc. the Club Treasurer is exempt from weekly membership fees.

Club Caretaker Role Description

Overall Purpose

To ensure that the Club equipment and stock is properly purchased, stored, maintained, repaired, replaced and disposed of. To ensure appropriate security of Club equipment, stock and premises.

Specific responsibilities

1. Ensures that Club equipment is properly packed and stored.

2. Ensures that the Club is set up safely and appropriately.

3. Checks Club equipment for wear and tear, ensuring that it is suitable for use.

4. Ensures that Club equipment and the Club hall is secure at the end of each meeting.

5. In conjunction with the Club Secretary organises repair and replacement of Club stock and equipment, by teams of members or by specialists as necessary.

6. Purchases Club equipment and snack bar stock, according to Club rules and in consultation with the Club Treasurer.

7. Purchases Club consumables such as printer paper and ink cartridges.

8. Ensures that the Club hall is left in a clean and tidy state after all meetings.


Any item may be delegated to another Club Official if necessary.


In recognition of the personal expense associated with traveling to the shops for snack bar stock, etc. the Club Caretaker is exempt from weekly membership fees.

Club Events Co-ordinator Role Description

Overall Purpose

To organise internal and external events for the Club.

Specific responsibilities

1. To organise members social events outside of Club Nights, in conjunction with the Club Treasurer where money in advance is required. eg Paintballs, 10 Pin Bowling etc.

2. To organise the occasional Club run game in the local GW store.

3. To organise the production of a Club Newsletter or Gossip Sheet for members raffle nights and events like the WPS Club Challenge.


The Club Events Co-ordinator may delegate responsibility for 2. and 3. to another member as necessary.


On weeks where a Newsletter or Event has been organised the Club Events Co-ordinator is exempt from weekly membership fees.

Club Membership Secretary Role Description

Overall Purpose

To ensure that the Club meets the needs of the members and acts as a champion on membership issues.

Specific responsibilities

1. To ensure that accurate records of Club attendance and membership are maintained.

2. To assess membership status and issue membership and GCN badges.

3. To assist with the Membership Schemes including production of certificates and issuing of badges.

4. To check that entry fees have been paid and organise the weekly raffle.

5. To organise membership events such as member raffles and special meetings e.g. Christmas party.

6. To devise and implement membership drives, mail shots, advertisements and recruiting events.

7. To update members emergency contact details and weed out details of members who no longer attend.

8. To organise the planning and purchase of membership related items such as badges, clothing and to purchase consumables such as raffle tickets and membership stickers.

9. To organise and keep records of club announcements at raffle time each week.


Items 6. and 7, may not be delegated, all other items may be delegated to the other Club officials as appropriate.


In recognition of the time spent on Club Nights and updating Club Records the Club Membership Secretary is exempt from weekly membership fees.

Child Protection Policy


1.0 Purpose

1.1 To provide the opportunity for members to participate in the hobby of collecting, painting and gaming with Games Workshop minatures and game systems as well as other systems chosen by the club members.

1.2 To meet the following six objectives:
1.2.1 To promote good communications between Gaming Clubs and between Games Workshop UK.
1.2.2 To assist in the running of local gaming events.
1.2.3 To support other clubs' events.
1.2.4 To assist in the running of games at national level.
1.2.5 To provide a forum for Gaming Clubs.
1.2.6 To facilitate a Club Mentoring Scheme.

2.0 Children

2.1 The Gaming Clubs that the GCN represents all welcome children to take part in the hobby.

2.2 The GCN recommends that children be 12 years of age or older in order to benefit fully from the opportunities the hobby offers. However, we also recognise that younger children may get involved.

2.3 Children are a part of our community and need to receive special support and protection.

2.4 The GCN and all member clubs accept their responsibility towards children in general, and particularly those with whom we come into direct contact.

2.5 All children should be offered equal opportunitiy to take part in the hobby. No discimination is tolerated on any grounds.

3.0 Child Abuse

3.1 Abuse towards children, either physical, psychological, or sexual, is totally unacceptable to the membership of the GCN. It will not be tolerated or condoned.

3.2 Complaints from or regarding the treatment of children will be treated seriously and given fair investigation by the leaders of clubs and the GCN.

3.3 Clubs failing to stop or protect against child abuse will not remain a part of the GCN.

4.0 Child Protection

4.1 The GCN is fully committed to the protection of children from all forms of child abuse.

4.2 The Child Protection Policy froms the basis for the protection of children, which is the full responsibility of all club members in every Gaming Club.

4.3 The GCN is committed to encouraging a protective culture within the hobby to protect children.

5.0 Grievances

5.1 The GCN provides a Code of Practice (Club Rules) for all Gaming Clubs that indicates the proper procedures for the good running of a hobby group.

5.2 As part of the Code of Practice, the GCN operates a disagreement proceedure. This is detailed in the Code of Practice

5.3 In addition, the Gaming Clubs are required to uphold the following Grievance Proceedure for issues arising from mental or physical abuse, most notably of children:
5.3.1 Abuse Grievance Procedure. Any accusation of abuse between members in a Gaming Club must be referred to the Club Leader.
5.3.2 If the Club Leader is unable to investigate the grievance, or if personally involved in it, the member must be referred to the GCN Area Rep.
5.3.3 If the grievance is deemed to be real, the matter must be immediately referred to the police authorities for investigation.
5.3.4 Members of the Gaming Club will cooperate with the police investigation in any way that is reasonable.
5.3.5 Both tha accused and the accuser will have their membership suspended until the police investigation and any court proceedings are complete. Refer to the Code of Practice

6.0 Club Officials Disclosure Checks

6.1 All Club Officials, Area Reps and GCN Council members must submit themselves for Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Disclosure checks.

6.2 People unwilling to undergo these checks will not be permitted to act as a GCN Official and must not put themselves forward for election or appointment to any official position.

6.3 The full proceedures of the CRB Disclosure checks will be held by the GCN President and Area Reps for general information. They are also avaialble from

6.4 If an Official is deemed a threat to children through the Disclosure check they must immediately be suspended under the Code of Practice

6.5 Officials are allowed to continue their duties during the period which the Disclosure check is ongoing. They are to be considered in a probationary period.

6.6 Probationary Officials must always be accompanied by non-Probationary Officials until the Disclosure check is complete.

6.7 Once the Disclosure check clears an Official they become a non-Probationary Official.

Club Rules


1.0 Identity

1.1 The club will be called Hulls Angels

1.2 The club will be based at Unit 2, Grimston Street, Hull, HU1 3HG,

2.0 Purpose

2.1 To provide the opportunity for members to participate in the hobby of collecting, painting and gaming with tabletop miniatures and game systems.

3.0 Membership

3.1 Membership of the club is gained by paying a weekly membership fee and attending at least 4 consecutive meetings. There will be a 3-month probationary period before membership takes effect.

3.2 Club meetings are open to non-members who can make use of the club facilities upon payment of the standard meeting ticket price.

3.3 A record of attendance will be kept.

3.4 Members must be 11 years old or more to attend the club or become a member. Club Officials and signatories must be 18 years or older.

4.0 Club Assets

4.1 The assets of the club (gaming equipment, cash in hand and cash at the bank) belong to the members.

4.2 Original School equipment belongs to Winifred Holtby School.

4.3 If the club ever closes the assets will be distributed to the current members as evenly as possible. Current members at any time will be those who have attend more than half the meetings in the previous six months.

5.0 Club Officials

5.1 Decisions involving expenditure in excess of £200 or which involve a change to the Club Rules will be made by majority vote of club members at a normal meeting. Club Officials may make decisions on day to day running and expenditure of up to £50

5.2 At the AGM the members will appoint a Club Leader, Treasurer, Caretaker and membership Secretary. Nominations must be posted 28 days before the AGM.

5.3 Officials must have attended at least three quarters of the meetings held during the past 12 months to be eligible for elections or re-election.

5.4 A minimum of two officials will be present at each club meeting.

5.5 At least one official will be trained as a First Aider. At least one First Aider will be present at all club meetings.

6.0 Club Funds

6.1 Club funds will be administered through a bank or building society account which is designed for this purpose.

6.2 There will be two signatories to the club bank account, one of whom will be the club Treasurer. Any two of the signatories must sign club cheques and make cash withdrawals.

6.3 The Treasurer will keep a record of transactions on club funds showing all credits, debits and current balance. The record will be available for inspection by any club member.

6.4 A receipt will be obtained for all club expenditure, checked by the Treasurer and retained for audit purposes. If the Treasurer commits expenditure then the receipt will be checked by a different signatory.

6.5 The club year will run from April to April At the end of the year a suitably qualified independent person will inspect the financial records.

7.0 Voting and club decisions

7.1 Decisions regarding the club, including amendment of club rules, will be made by majority vote at normal club meetings.

7.2 The Club Leader will keep a record of decisions taken at club meetings. The record will be available for inspection by any club member.

7.3 Only current members (not visitors) may vote.

7.4 There will be an Annual General Meeting to discuss the general direction of the club and forthcoming events.

8.0 Standards of conduct

8.1 Club members and visiting non-members will at all times adhere to the following standards of behaviour.

8.2 There will be no verbal or physical abuse of any other or visiting non-member.

8.3 There will be no discrimination of any kind by any member or visiting non-member towards any other person at the club meetings. This includes but is not limited to discrimination on grounds of:
8.3.1 Class;
8.3.2 Ethnic origin, nationality (or statelessness), or race;
8.3.3 Gender;
8.3.4. Age;
8.3.5 Martial or sexual status;
8.3.6 Mental or physical ability;
8.3.7 Political or religious belief

8.4 No member under the age of 16 years will be left unattended by less than two adults over the age of 18 years at any time.

8.5 It is the responsibility of all persons to ensure that:
8.5.1 they do not endanger the health and safety of themselves or others;
8.5.2 they observe the rules established for the safety of those involved in club activities. These are defined as required by the Club Committee.

8.6 Disagreements between club members

8.6.1 Any disagreements between members in a Gaming Club must be referred to the Club Leader.
8.6.2 If the Club Leader is unable to resolve the disagreement, or if personally involved, the matter must be referred to a GCN Knight.
8.6.3 The following procedures are to be used only if informal efforts to resolve disagreements have been made and failed.
8.6.4 Disagreements between any of the following must be referred to the GCN Council: Two or more clubs from different areas. Clubs and the GCN Council.
8.6.5 All the parties to the disagreement must be given reasonable opportunity to state their case.

9.0 Suspension of members

9.1 Suspension of membership ensures that no situation in the Gaming Club arises which could cause further concern and that no member is placed in a position which could cause further compromise. Such action may be necessary in the following cases:

9.1.1 When an allegation is made that a Member has committed a serious criminal offence. In this case the Member must be suspended until police inquiries and any legal proceedings have been concluded.
9.1.2 When a disagreement between adults cannot be resolved quickly. In this case the suspension is to be for a period of not more than 90 days in the first instance. Suspension for further periods of not more than 90 days may follow.
9.1.3 When the action of an individual could seriously harm the reputation of the Gaming Club Network.

9.2 In every case membership may be suspended only by the appropriate authority with approval from the other appropriate authority as defined in the following table:

9.3 The suspended member must not participate in any activity connected with the Gaming Club Network and must not wear uniform or badges.

9.4 Any appointment held will be regarded vacant.

9.5 Suspension in the case of disagreement must be followed as soon as possible by conciliation and such further steps as are necessary.

9.6 When a person’s membership is suspended or the nature of the suspension changes, the appropriate official must inform the GCN Council.

9.7 Any Gaming Club Network member who is dismissed has the right of appeal (with the aid of a ‘friend’ if so desired) to the next highest tier of authority.

9.8 If so requested by the person dismissed, the official asked for appeal may appoint a committee to hear the appeal.

9.9 Reasonable opportunity must be given for the dismissed person to attend the meeting of such a committee to state a case against dismissal.

9.10 Following any incident of a suspension of membership to an individual censure will not be lifted without the agreement of both the officials who issued the censure, as outlined in 9.2.

9.11 Records of all suspension and disciplinary actions must be maintained by all officials involved and be available for examination by the police authorise should they be required.

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Upcoming Hulls Angels Events

Preaching from the Choir

The Hulls Angels Wargames club is run by a group of avid hobbyists with over 40 years experience of all aspects of the hobby. We aim to provide the people of Hull with a safe environment in which to explore all aspects of their hobby. The club boasts space for 20 gaming boards, room to paint and model, Also there is room for role players or just a place to chat. The group of people who run the club are:

GrimJaw – Chapter Master
A Teacher and avid gamer of over 25 year’s experience. He is very interested in modelling, community and the narrative of the Warhammer Universe. GrimJaw also runs Emperors Tarot It has been his long term goal to provide a proven fun, safe environment for the people of Hull to enjoy their hobby in.

Jaffa – Chaplain
An experienced Wargames club official. Jaffa has been on the committee of other Wargames clubs in the past. Working as our club secretary he is responsible for membership and making sure or paperwork is up to date. As a gamer he has a wide variety of armies for 40K and we are trying to convince him to play Warhammer.

Blagrot – Librarian
A tactical genius and master of detail. He can find a nasty army list in any force. Blagrot is an avid gamer and master of warfare who organises and runs our events. As an avid gamer Blagrot is only interested in making your gaming experience a positive as possible. Watch this space!


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