Child Protection Policy

Tuesday, 12 January 2010 ·

1.0 Purpose

1.1 To provide the opportunity for members to participate in the hobby of collecting, painting and gaming with Games Workshop minatures and game systems as well as other systems chosen by the club members.

1.2 To meet the following six objectives:
1.2.1 To promote good communications between Gaming Clubs and between Games Workshop UK.
1.2.2 To assist in the running of local gaming events.
1.2.3 To support other clubs' events.
1.2.4 To assist in the running of games at national level.
1.2.5 To provide a forum for Gaming Clubs.
1.2.6 To facilitate a Club Mentoring Scheme.

2.0 Children

2.1 The Gaming Clubs that the GCN represents all welcome children to take part in the hobby.

2.2 The GCN recommends that children be 12 years of age or older in order to benefit fully from the opportunities the hobby offers. However, we also recognise that younger children may get involved.

2.3 Children are a part of our community and need to receive special support and protection.

2.4 The GCN and all member clubs accept their responsibility towards children in general, and particularly those with whom we come into direct contact.

2.5 All children should be offered equal opportunitiy to take part in the hobby. No discimination is tolerated on any grounds.

3.0 Child Abuse

3.1 Abuse towards children, either physical, psychological, or sexual, is totally unacceptable to the membership of the GCN. It will not be tolerated or condoned.

3.2 Complaints from or regarding the treatment of children will be treated seriously and given fair investigation by the leaders of clubs and the GCN.

3.3 Clubs failing to stop or protect against child abuse will not remain a part of the GCN.

4.0 Child Protection

4.1 The GCN is fully committed to the protection of children from all forms of child abuse.

4.2 The Child Protection Policy froms the basis for the protection of children, which is the full responsibility of all club members in every Gaming Club.

4.3 The GCN is committed to encouraging a protective culture within the hobby to protect children.

5.0 Grievances

5.1 The GCN provides a Code of Practice (Club Rules) for all Gaming Clubs that indicates the proper procedures for the good running of a hobby group.

5.2 As part of the Code of Practice, the GCN operates a disagreement proceedure. This is detailed in the Code of Practice

5.3 In addition, the Gaming Clubs are required to uphold the following Grievance Proceedure for issues arising from mental or physical abuse, most notably of children:
5.3.1 Abuse Grievance Procedure. Any accusation of abuse between members in a Gaming Club must be referred to the Club Leader.
5.3.2 If the Club Leader is unable to investigate the grievance, or if personally involved in it, the member must be referred to the GCN Area Rep.
5.3.3 If the grievance is deemed to be real, the matter must be immediately referred to the police authorities for investigation.
5.3.4 Members of the Gaming Club will cooperate with the police investigation in any way that is reasonable.
5.3.5 Both tha accused and the accuser will have their membership suspended until the police investigation and any court proceedings are complete. Refer to the Code of Practice

6.0 Club Officials Disclosure Checks

6.1 All Club Officials, Area Reps and GCN Council members must submit themselves for Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Disclosure checks.

6.2 People unwilling to undergo these checks will not be permitted to act as a GCN Official and must not put themselves forward for election or appointment to any official position.

6.3 The full proceedures of the CRB Disclosure checks will be held by the GCN President and Area Reps for general information. They are also avaialble from

6.4 If an Official is deemed a threat to children through the Disclosure check they must immediately be suspended under the Code of Practice

6.5 Officials are allowed to continue their duties during the period which the Disclosure check is ongoing. They are to be considered in a probationary period.

6.6 Probationary Officials must always be accompanied by non-Probationary Officials until the Disclosure check is complete.

6.7 Once the Disclosure check clears an Official they become a non-Probationary Official.


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