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All Club Exec Role Description

Overall Purpose

To organise and maintain the existence of Hulls Angels Gaming Club.

Specific responsibilities

1. Ensure that the Club opens each week and that at least two Club Officials are present.

2. Ensure that the Club is run according to the Club Rules.

3. Ensure that a safe, friendly atmosphere prevails at Club Nights.

4. Ensure that the Club is a welcoming environment and that new members are met and their needs catered for.

5. Ensure the Club Cupboard remains accessible for use in the kitchen.

Update and organise the Club Members notice-board on a regular basis.

Club Secretary Role Description

Overall Purpose

To assure the smooth running of the Club by providing overall organisation and ensuring that the Club Rules are applied

Specific responsibilities

1. Keeps a record of member decisions.

2. Liaises with the Hull YPI manager and ensures good relations are maintained.

3. Assumes overall responsibility for organising internal and external Club Events (campaigns, leagues, tournaments, open days etc).

4. Acts as an ambassador for the Club, representing it at meetings and events.

5. Assumes overall responsibility for the Club Website. (Monitoring the Forum, taking care of website adverts, updating content etc.)

6. To organise the Membership Schemes including assessment of armies photographing of completed armies for the website.

7. Sets agenda; organises records of Club Meetings such as the AGM.

8. In conjunction with the Caretaker organises the replacement; repair of Club Gaming Boards, Terrain  Equipment by teams of members or by specialists if necessary.


The Club Secretary may delegate responsibility for 3. and 4. to another member as necessary. Other responsibilities cannot be delegated except to another Club Official in the event that the Club Secretary cannot attend a meeting.


In recognition of the personal expense associated with traveling to the GCN meetings, etc. the Club Secretary is exempt from weekly membership fees.

Club Treasurer Role Description

Overall Purpose

To ensure that Club funds and assets are appropriately managed.

Specific responsibilities

1. To ensure that Club funds are used according to Club Rules, and always in the best interests of the members.

2. By managing Club funds, ensure that finances are available as a first priority to meet essential expenditure (for example hall rent, and PLI).

3. To keep accurate records of all collection, use and disposal of Club funds and assets to a standard deemed acceptable to an independent auditor.

4. To ensure that Club Accounts are subjected to an annual audit and report from a suitable qualified independent advisor.

5. To ensure that appropriate security arrangements and practices are in place.

6. To reconcile bank statements and investigate any discrepancies, reporting to the members.

7. To assess the Club’s financial health and make a report to the members at the AGM.

8. To cash up at the end of meetings and events, ensuring records are updated and cash prepared for banking.

9. To take cash to the bank and deposit it in the Club Bank Account.

10. Liaise with the Hull YPI manager when booking paying for events

11. In conjunction with the Membership Secretary organise membership events such as Members Raffles special events e.g. Christmas party.


Item 8. And 9. May be delegated if necessary to another Club Official or Senior Member (but not to any other member). Other responsibilities cannot be delegated.


In recognition of the personal expense associated with traveling to the bank, etc. the Club Treasurer is exempt from weekly membership fees.

Club Caretaker Role Description

Overall Purpose

To ensure that the Club equipment and stock is properly purchased, stored, maintained, repaired, replaced and disposed of. To ensure appropriate security of Club equipment, stock and premises.

Specific responsibilities

1. Ensures that Club equipment is properly packed and stored.

2. Ensures that the Club is set up safely and appropriately.

3. Checks Club equipment for wear and tear, ensuring that it is suitable for use.

4. Ensures that Club equipment and the Club hall is secure at the end of each meeting.

5. In conjunction with the Club Secretary organises repair and replacement of Club stock and equipment, by teams of members or by specialists as necessary.

6. Purchases Club equipment and snack bar stock, according to Club rules and in consultation with the Club Treasurer.

7. Purchases Club consumables such as printer paper and ink cartridges.

8. Ensures that the Club hall is left in a clean and tidy state after all meetings.


Any item may be delegated to another Club Official if necessary.


In recognition of the personal expense associated with traveling to the shops for snack bar stock, etc. the Club Caretaker is exempt from weekly membership fees.

Club Events Co-ordinator Role Description

Overall Purpose

To organise internal and external events for the Club.

Specific responsibilities

1. To organise members social events outside of Club Nights, in conjunction with the Club Treasurer where money in advance is required. eg Paintballs, 10 Pin Bowling etc.

2. To organise the occasional Club run game in the local GW store.

3. To organise the production of a Club Newsletter or Gossip Sheet for members raffle nights and events like the WPS Club Challenge.


The Club Events Co-ordinator may delegate responsibility for 2. and 3. to another member as necessary.


On weeks where a Newsletter or Event has been organised the Club Events Co-ordinator is exempt from weekly membership fees.

Club Membership Secretary Role Description

Overall Purpose

To ensure that the Club meets the needs of the members and acts as a champion on membership issues.

Specific responsibilities

1. To ensure that accurate records of Club attendance and membership are maintained.

2. To assess membership status and issue membership and GCN badges.

3. To assist with the Membership Schemes including production of certificates and issuing of badges.

4. To check that entry fees have been paid and organise the weekly raffle.

5. To organise membership events such as member raffles and special meetings e.g. Christmas party.

6. To devise and implement membership drives, mail shots, advertisements and recruiting events.

7. To update members emergency contact details and weed out details of members who no longer attend.

8. To organise the planning and purchase of membership related items such as badges, clothing and to purchase consumables such as raffle tickets and membership stickers.

9. To organise and keep records of club announcements at raffle time each week.


Items 6. and 7, may not be delegated, all other items may be delegated to the other Club officials as appropriate.


In recognition of the time spent on Club Nights and updating Club Records the Club Membership Secretary is exempt from weekly membership fees.


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The Hulls Angels Wargames club is run by a group of avid hobbyists with over 40 years experience of all aspects of the hobby. We aim to provide the people of Hull with a safe environment in which to explore all aspects of their hobby. The club boasts space for 20 gaming boards, room to paint and model, Also there is room for role players or just a place to chat. The group of people who run the club are:

GrimJaw – Chapter Master
A Teacher and avid gamer of over 25 year’s experience. He is very interested in modelling, community and the narrative of the Warhammer Universe. GrimJaw also runs Emperors Tarot It has been his long term goal to provide a proven fun, safe environment for the people of Hull to enjoy their hobby in.

Jaffa – Chaplain
An experienced Wargames club official. Jaffa has been on the committee of other Wargames clubs in the past. Working as our club secretary he is responsible for membership and making sure or paperwork is up to date. As a gamer he has a wide variety of armies for 40K and we are trying to convince him to play Warhammer.

Blagrot – Librarian
A tactical genius and master of detail. He can find a nasty army list in any force. Blagrot is an avid gamer and master of warfare who organises and runs our events. As an avid gamer Blagrot is only interested in making your gaming experience a positive as possible. Watch this space!


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