Deepthought - what about all those bits?

Thursday, 9 December 2010 ·

I don't know about you but the picture above really rings bells for me. I have piles and piles like this in my house, and garage, and shed. Some are stored in boxes, some are still in their boxes and in turn they are in grouped boxes, some are clipped fromtheir fames and put carefully in a bits draw (I would like to point out that they were put there a long time ago when I had more free time) and most are just piled up and left to gather dust.

Now I know that you are thinking "Yeh so! we all have these piles of random model parts just in case we need them" The question I would like to ask is how much of the money you spend on your hobby is still sitting around on sprues gathering dust and not being used for anything constructive?

This for me riases more questions than answers and I would like to pass this out to the wonderful readers of this blog to discuss. Do you have any answer for the paradox that is piles and piles of sprues lying around. Do you know of anywhere you can get rid of them or swap needed parts with others. How do you deal with large sections of your money lying around doing nowt?

Over to you.




Mart said...
9 December 2010 at 19:52  

Well I probably have way more than I want to think about. I off loaded all my Eldar at the start of the year for over a grand and that is only a small iceberg tip... I will say this though the more GW raises there prices adds value to your plastic, so if in a few years you still have it - stick it on ebay! Even if its an out of date model you will get a good price for it!

Other than that I have managed to kerb my spending in the last year, which im pretty chuffed about. But yeah - I got an attic full of the bloody stuff...

Shane said...
9 December 2010 at 21:02  

That pile definately rings home with me (except I'm pretty anal about tidiness so mine are stashed in hidden boxes) I think perhaps 70% of everything I've ever bought has been left in that state if I'm honest.

Perhaps a bits swap night would be a good idea some time in the future. I know I could definately use some more empire bits and pieces for my zombies ;) and someone must need more goblins, beastmen, skaven.. the list goes on in exchange :D

Drax said...
9 December 2010 at 22:09  

funnily enough i've been going through my cupdoard today and before i even go into the boxes of stuff i already have 8 full carrier bags of sprues with bits on.

i'm planning to go through it all at some point, but that time never arrives mainly because i don't have a good enough storage for it! any ideas (links) would be appreciated.

Gideon said...
9 December 2010 at 23:50  

Got lots of unused frames. I want to use all the bits... they go on my desk to be used then stay there. Later I decide they go in a draw of bits.

Ancient Tiel' a fier said...
11 December 2010 at 11:45  

I too have a vast array of bits, though i tend to take them off sprues and bag them; its a real space saver (those that are aware of my cupboard and sprawling loft use know of my limited space issues). But its has been of great use to save those bits, I'd never have been able to make an imperial guard army out of empire handgunners if I had'nt kept hundreds of seemingly useless las guns.

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