Army Spotlight - Dark Eldar

Sunday, 9 January 2011 ·

I started getting into the 40K gaming when I was about 12-13 years old. I had been playing D&D and Judge Dread for those that can remember it , I happened to walk past a model shop and noticed a boxed set of metal Blood Claws in the window. From that moment on I was hooked, I'm now almost 36 years on this earth so I've been collecting armies for along time. But until recently thats all I have done, collected, painted but not really played games with them. I've attended a few Throne of Skulls Tournies but never did really well at them, finishing at the bottom tables, but I still had a very enjoyable weekend in GW HQ. Thats what made me decide to find a local club, hence me joining Hulls-Angels.
Armies wise I have Space Marines of the Storm Templars Chapter (my own chapter), Hive Fleet Hydra, Necrons, Tau, Orks (unpainted), Eldar and I have just started painting my Dark Eldar.

I have been waiting so long for GW to bring out the new DE Codex and I must say that they have not disappointed me. The new models are great, very detailed and a real pleasure to paint.
I decided to paint them in the colours of the Obsidian Rose Kabal, which for me really stood out from the usual norm of DE painting. After a few test models I finally managed to get the colour scheme that I was happy with.

Collecting wise I tend to go for what models I really like the look of, and build the army up from there. This doesnt always work on the battlefield, but army wise I dont like spamming the same units over and over again, this for me doesnt make for a very enjoyable game.

Here are a few pictures of my force, most arent fully finished as RL issues and work have managed to get in the way again.

I like to play relaxed games as I'm still trying to learn the basics. Everybody at the club has been very welcoming and helped me feel right at home.

Thanks for reading



Mart said...
9 January 2011 at 20:40  

An absolutely solid paint job. Take your time learning the tactics and finishing them off. Very inspiring and I look forward to many battles!

Angryhatter said...
24 January 2011 at 16:36  

Very nice army, both painting wise and battle wise.
Look forward to that rematch....=P

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